Knowing Where You Come From Changes Everything

Finally, our opportunity to preserve OUR legacy!

For far too long, our legacy and origin as African Americans has been unintentionally misplaced and at some point intentionally mishandled by others.

join us in the motherland!

And while in some cases it may be too late to regain our lost lineage, now is the time for us to begin traditions that last for generations.

We want to ensure that these individuals understand their history and do not forget it because they may be able to make changes in society today. Our mission is to provide individuals with peace, empowerment, and clarity through ancestral knowledge.

We would like to introduce
the Keepers Box…

Your opportunity to protect and preserve your family lineage. Similar to a time capsule, these boxes are designed to hold your family’s important documents, treasures, and memories.

Have you ever wished that you had your grandmother’s old wedding ring? Or perhaps a time piece from your great grandfather? 

The keepers box will cause you and your family to become intentional about what you leave for generations to come.

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behind the scenes

About the Box


Hand carved custom wooden boxes

Made from the wood of mango trees grown in the Motherland


Each box is 8 X 4 X 5 Inches


Shipped Straight from Africa

Delivery time is 6-8 weeks

Great People.
Tasty Food.
Amazing Tours.
Beautiful Africa.

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