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Our mission is to provide individuals with peace, empowerment, and clarity through ancestral knowledge

The Keepers of the Scrolls is an organization that helps descendants of the transatlantic slave trade connect with their ancestors through DNA testing, historical research, and coaching.

As organizations like AncestryDNA have created family trees for people around the world who are not direct descendants of slaves in America, The Keepers of the Scrolls have come to help those who are searching for their roots. We want to ensure that these individuals understand their history and do not forget it because they may be able to make changes in society today.

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Walk on the land of our forefathers and enjoy the tropical sun in Ghana, West Africa. Sit on the same beach as freed descendants of the slaves who were taken from the same shores! Oh yes, it’s a trip of a lifetime!


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Local Ghanaian tour guides onsite


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Cancel up to 2 weeks prior to departure date


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Our retreats are best suited for 10+ groups


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This is the historic trip of a LIFETIME! Walk the lands where our forefathers were taken into slavery!