Black is Queen Retreat

Are You Ready to Visit the Land of Your Ancestors?

Do you wonder where you come from? Your ancestors?

Did you know that each year, the history classes in the USA are teaching that African Americans come from “somewhere” in Africa? The first image in any textbook of our ancestors is them in chains?

We need to show our children a new TRUTH! That our ancestors were more than slaves!

Black is Queen Retreat

Can you Imagine?

Walking on the land of our forefathers and enjoying the tropical sun? Sitting on the same beach as freed descendants of the slaves who were taken from the same shores?

What about tracing their steps to the slave castles and reentering the door of no return? Can you imagine how our ancestors would rejoice knowing that their descendants returned home?

What's on the Agenda?

All inclusive stay in THREE luxurious resorts in Ghana

Three catered meals per day

Alcoholic beverages are available at an additional cost

Daily educational sessions on the history of Ghana and our ancestors

Lead by local historians and the ancestors of those involved in the slave trade

Fun and eye-opening excursions to historical destinations in Kumasi, Cape Coast, & Accra

Luxury Swag Bags


This Trip for YOU:

If you are searching for your family roots

If you are a history buff and you want to learn about WHO you ARE

If you are a SEEKER of TRUTH!

If you have ever wanted to visit the Motherland

If you LOVE the beach and you have never visited Africa

Frequently Asked Questions

You can expect the trip of a lifetime! Adventure, history, food and FUN! This retreat has it all! You can expect to visit historical sites that you’ve only read about or watched on a national geographic show. 

The purpose of this retreat is to help you connect with history in a real way. It’s not just connecting with your history but to your ancestors!

Due to the nature of this trip we are offering multiple dates in 2022. We want to make sure that everyone has an opportunity to visit the Motherland! The dates are:

  • March 13th-22nd 
  • June 12th-21st 
  • September 11th-20th 
  • December 4th-13th 

Attendees are expected to arrange their own airfare however, we will have a travel agent working with you. Please keep in mind this is the ONLY component of the retreat that an attendee is responsible for. Since most of the retreat dates are during the “off season” airfare is expected to be less expensive during these times.

Each attendee will designate whether they need single rooms (private) or traveling as couples. All rooms will be standard however, you can upgrade at the hotel if they are available. Please note that the beach front resorts all have amazing views and direct access to the beaches.

Each Guest can expect to have their temperature checked daily. Those will elevated temperatures will not be able to be in close quarters with others. All staff will be required to wear masks and/or face shields. All sessions will be socially distanced according to Ghana health protocols. You may also receive a COVID questionnaire prior to the event, which you will be expected to complete and return in a timely fashion.

Due to the nature of this trip and events, all sales are final. Please double check that you are able to attend before securing your spot. Sudden emergencies or tragic events will be handled on a case by case basis.

Absolutely! We understand how important it is for you to plan financially for this trip! The earlier you secure your spot the more you will save!

In addition to you getting $1000 off the regular price, you will receive another $1000 off the base price! That $2000 for a total of $8000.

The DNA testing is done through a third party lab. All tests will be submitted by you. Our team/staff will NEVER have access to your results or submissions. Once you submit your test, the lab will reach out to you via email to notify you when your results are ready. 

“Why Africa?
Africa Needs No Reason, Africa Is Its Own Reason.”

The Keepers of the Scrolls

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This is the historic trip of a LIFETIME! Walk the lands where our forefathers were taken into slavery!